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Monopole Transmission Tower

A monopole transmission tower is a tall, single-pole structure used in power transmission and distribution to support overhead power lines. It is a type of lattice tower that is commonly used in areas where space is limited or aesthetics are important, such as urban or suburban environments. Monopole towers are constructed from steel or concrete and can range in height from 30 meters to over 100 meters. They are designed to withstand the forces of wind, ice, and other environmental factors to ensure reliable and safe transmission of electricity. The design of monopole towers has evolved over time, with modern designs incorporating features such as anti-climbing devices, lightning protection systems, and increased resistance to corrosion.

Today steel poles are the dominant type structures for new age power transmission & are commonly used in many countries, being adopted in more new markets. We are able to manufacture,

  • Monopoles
  • H-Frames
  • Y-Frames
  • X-Frames