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·         Stable on its own, no anchoring or concrete weights required.

Tower Height







Model Number







Tower Type

  • Telescopic Lattice type with 3 or 4 Nos. pipe legs, with hot dipped galvanized guy wires. High Tensile seamless pipes have been used as legs. Remote locking device is fitted in order to avoid climbing.
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized and painted with Epoxy primer and top coats of ICAO compatible color scheme or client preference.
  • Tower Tilting to Vertical Position: By hydraulic rams or mechanical drive with power transmission thread and gear train.
  • Tower opening: Electrical or hydraulic winch operated by 3 phase or single-phase motor.


  • Quality Management system-ISO 9001-2015 By SGS of UK. Certified since 13th April 2006. Certificate No. LK15/05176
  • Steel Fabrication—BS5950-1:2000
  • Hot Dipped Galvanization—BS EN ISO 1461:2009
  • Material — EN ISO 10025-2:2004 S355JR or equivalent
  • Wind Loading—ANSI/TIA 222-G August 2005
  • Strength Assessment- ANSI/TIA 222-G August 2005


  • Operated by electrical or hydraulic and limit switches for additional safety, Control panel. Optional hand crank provided for towers 40m or smaller.

Wind speed

·         120, 140, 160 and 180 km/hr. depending on the area requirement.

Accessories provided with the tower

  • Antennae brackets for GSM and microwave antennae
  • RRU brackets
  • Guy wires and tightening clamps
  • Guide arms with Jacks, sand boxes
  • Cable reels for data cables.
  • Lightning Arrester and grounding material.
  • Aviation Lamp.


  • Low height chassis
  • 12/24V Lights
  • Chassis made out of hot dipped galvanized material.
  • 1 or 2 axles with pneumatic brake.
  • Mechanical/Air Suspension
  • 50mm king pin.
  • Tail, brake, signal and reverse lamps. (12/24V)
  • Luminous signs.
  •  Landing legs to stabilize the chassis and to support guying arms.
  • Fuel Tank (Optional)

Power System

  • As per client requirement.
  • Generator with super silent enclosure, ATS, controller with SIM operation (Optional) etc.
  • Solar or Hybrid power systems (optional)


  • As per customer references.
A cell on wheel, also known as a COW
is a rapid deployment tower designed to provide quick cellular network coverage. Cell on wheels usually used by our customers to establish network quickly in a required area, re-establishing network after disasters such as floods, earthquakes, wars, cyclones etc. and to provide additional capacity quickly for large gatherings such as trade fairs, sporting events etc.
This is a heavy-duty telescopic and motorized tower installed on a trailer. There is an ample deck space for equipment, a generator and a fuel tank. It can be either outdoor or in a shelter. Tower and the trailer with the guy system are stable on its own without earth driven spikes. No requirement of climbing the tower after opening as the lock can be operated remotely. Both trailer and the tower are hot dipped galvanized and epoxy coated to prevent corrosion. Also, light duty versions could be made of either Aluminum or Stainless Steel if the budget permits. The area occupied by the COW which is also called the “foot print” could be reduced by providing heavier tower and base weights.