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Stability·         Pre-Cast concrete blocks are required to achieve the required stability. 3 sets of guy wires are anchored to pre cast concrete blocks for stability.
Tower Height60m50m40m30m25m
Model No.GRDC6023GRDC5023GRDC4023GRDC3023GRDC2523
Tower type
  • Lattice type with 3 nos. pipe legs, 3 sets of guy wires are anchored to precast concrete blocks for stability. High Tensile seamless pipes. Tower is provided with a remote lock. Therefore, no climbing is required.

  •  Hot Dipped Galvanized and painted with Etch Epoxy primer and top coats of ICAO compatible color scheme or client preference.

  •  Tower opening: Electrical or hydraulic winch operated by 3 phase or single-phase motor; Manual hand cranking is also provided alongside the electrical operation.
  • Quality Management system-ISO 9001-2015 By SGS of UK. Certified since 13th April 2006. Certificate No. LK15/05176

  • Steel Fabrication—BS5950-1:2000

  • Hot Dipped Galvanization—BS EN ISO 1461:2009

  • Material —EN ISO 10025-2:2004 S355JR or equivalent

  • Wind Loading dessin as per—ANSI/TIA 222G August 2005

  • Strength Assessment: ANSI/TIA 222-G August 2005
Wind speed120, 160 and 180 km/hr.
  • 3 concrete slabs have to be placed 120deg apart from each other at the guy radius for anchoring purpose. The concrete slabs have to be embedded on earth to bear the lateral force excreted when tensioning of guy wires. The weight of the guy anchors will have to be decided on height and load on the tower.
Accessories provided with the tower
  •  Antennae brackets for GSM and microwave antennae
  •  Guy wires and tightening clamps
  • Three Guy arms with screw Jacks
  • Lightening arrester and 3 nos. ground rods
  • Solar type aviation obstruction lamp
Shelter and generatorAs per client’s details

Rapid Deployment Tower with Guy Mast wire support

Is an innovative solution designed for quick and easy deployment in emergency situations. This tower utilizes a unique guy wire system to provide stability and support, allowing it to withstand harsh weather conditions and strong winds. Its modular design allows for easy assembly and disassembly, making it a versatile option for various applications. The tower is ideal for telecommunications, surveillance, and emergency services, providing a reliable and secure platform for equipment and personnel. With its lightweight and durable construction, the Rapid Deployment Tower with Guy Mast wire support is an excellent choice for organizations looking for a cost-effective and efficient solution for their temporary infrastructure needs.

This is a heavy duty motorized telescopic tower installed on 4 concrete pads and secured by guy wires. As there are no guy arms to take the lateral loads, 3 concrete blocks which are for anchoring guy wires, should be embedded or sunk onto the earth.  3precast slabs can be used for anchoring guy wires, and one slab is for the tower which is in the middle. Suitable for long time usage, also it can be removed, transported and re-installed if required. Unit can be transported on a trailer or on a truck. Crane truck is required for the installation, to unload from the truck and place it at the correct position. Deployment time is one day. No site excavation is required as the whole unit can be placed on the surface. This is not suitable to be placed on sand. The ground has to be reasonably strong to take the lateral force excreted by guy force. Tower is provided with a remote lock. Therefore, no climbing is required


  •  Cost effective
  • Could be deployed by using a winch
  • Either ground anchoring or Precast Concrete required for stability
  •  Could be used as a base station due to possible high capacities